Volume 2 Issue 2

Speech Recognition Based Automated Credit Card Module

T. Nalini, Haritha Kanamarlapudi


Radiation and Thermo – Diffusion Effects on Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow af a Viscous Dissipated Fluid over a Vertical Surface in the Presence of Chemical Reaction with Heat Source

D. Chenna Kesavaiah, P V Satyanarayana, S Venkataramana


Thermally stimulated relaxation and Electrical conduction phenomena in Polyacrylamide

K. Rajendra Prasad


Study and Analysis of Hexa Shape Patch Antenna on L-Band and S-Band

Sumit Srivastava, Avinish Kumar Tripathi, H.P. Sinha


A Study on Graph Theoretical Algorithms in Grid Environment

K.Periyakaruppan, T. Ravichandran


Effect of Addition of Flyash on the Properties of Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete-an Experimental Investigation

Prahallada M.C., Prakash K. B.


Effect of Addition of Combination of Admixtures on the Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Subjected to Cholride Attack

Shanthappa B. C., Prahallada M. C., Prakash K. B.


Comprehensive Review on Adsorption Heat and Mass Exchange

Shraddha Gondane, R. S. Shelke