Volume 2 Issue 8

Fungal  Production of Tannase : A Review [Download]

Megha Mehta, Dr. U. M. Muddapur , V. G. Shanmuga Priya


Critical State Based Filtering System with Code Security for SCADA Network Protocols [Download]

B. Dineshshankar, N.Rajeshkumar, S.Thamaraichelvi


Image Compression Using Radon Transform With DCT : Performance Analysis [Download]

S. Akila Pradeep, R. Manavalan


E-Banking and Bank Performance: Evidence from Nigeria [Download]

Oginni Simon Oyewole, Mohammed Abba, El-maude, Jibreel Gambo, Arikpo, I. Abam


Acid Rain-The Major Cause of Pollution: Its Causes, Effects and Solution [Download]

Dr. Savita Dubey


BIST Architecture and Implementation of 64-Bit Double Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using VHDL [Download]

Anurag Sharma


Common Coincidence Point in Fuzzy Metric Space [Download]

Amita Joshi


A Review on Wavelet-Based Image Compression Techniques [Download]

Vidhi Dubey, N. K. Mittal, S. G. Kerhalkar


Analysis on Packet Loss in Buffer and Link of a Wireless Node [Download]

Jeyasekar A, Varadharajan D


Comparison of 3D OCDMA Models at Variable Received Power For High Speed Applications [Download]

Shilpa Jindal, N Gupta


Designing a Multi Hop Secured Reactive Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network using Clustering [Download]

Sapan Kumar Jain, Vivek Badhe


Solvent-Coating Powder Interaction and Permeability of Coated Clay-Alumina Membrane [Download]

Ganesh C Sahoo, Somendra Nath Roy, Sibdas Bandyopadhyay