Volume 4 Issue 4

Effect of Change in Material and Production Process on Cycle Time,Production Rate, Cost and Impact Strength of Plastic Product [Download]

Merchant Samir Y.


Arduino-based Food and Water Dispenser for Pets with GSM Technology Control [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Allen Rei Clavero, John Mark B. De Vera, Paul Avry P. Lopez, Cyrus A. Mueca, Napoleon A. Pempeña IX, Adrian Zhaniel D. Roxas


Photonic Generation of Higher Order UWB Signals Using Optical Amplifiers [Download]

T. Sabapathi, I.Thanga Dharsni


Impact of SRS in WDM Systems and Its Mitigation by Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection [Download]

T.Sabapathi, G. Jaya Brindha


Effect of Fibre Blend Ratios on Yarn Properties [Download]

A.Ghosh  , M.Raihan


Minimization of IR Drop Using Diagonal Power Routing Technique in Nanometer Era in VLSI [Download]

Mlnacharyulu,Dr.N.S.Murthysarma,Dr.K.Lal Kishore


Structural Similarity Based Image Quality Assessment Using Full Reference Method [Download]

Suneet Betrabet, Chetan Kumar Bhogayta


Adsorption of CO2 Molecule on the (MgO)9 and (CaO)9 Nanoclusters; A Theoretical Study [Download]

Fathi Hassan Bawa


Strengthening and Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Beams for Flexure by Using External Steel Reinforcements [Download]

Akhtar Gul, Bashir Alam, Fayaz A Khan, Yasir Irfan Badrashi, Khan Shahzada


Blind Source Separation using ICA for Additive Mixing in Time and Frequency domain [Download]

Swapnil Mohan Mahajan, Suneet Kishore Betrabet


Fabrication of Sno2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Films for Sensing No2 Gas at Room-Temperature [Download]

Pi-Guey Su, Ching-Hsuan Wei , Wei-Luen Shiu


Autocad Programming for Reinforced  Concrete Structural

Detailing [Download]

Akilu Muhammad, Ibrahim Ogiri Hassan