Volume 4 Issue 6

ALQRS: A Simple Architecture for Location Queries in Recommender Systems (Download)

B. Rupa Devi, M.Vedavathi


Simulation of Power Transformer Protection Using Microcontroller Relay (Download)

Arpit Rana, Jeet Shah, Anuradha Deshpande


Single Phase PV Inverter Applying a Dual Boost Technology (Download)

Smt. Sudha Bhutada, Dr. S.R. Nigam


Permeability Test Measurement of Composite Material for Reusable Launching Vehicles (RLV) (Download)

Charanjit Singh, Karthik Sunil, Prudhvinath Reddy, Idris Syed Mahaboob, Raja Sekhar Dondapati


Stability Enhancement for Transmission Lines using Neural Network in Static Synchronous Series Compensator (Download)

Ishwar Lal Yadav, Satayadharma Bharti


A Novel Dynamic Model for a Crane System with a Flexible Cable and Large Swing Angle (Download)

Mohammad H. Fatehi, Mohammad Eghtesad, Roya Amjadifard


A Survey on Strengthening in Organizing Informal Settlements

(Case Study: Imam Ali Town and Hojjat Town of Mashhad) (Download)

Hoda Esfandiary


Enhancement of Performance Parameters Of Transformer Using Nanofluids (Download)

Raja Sekhar Dondapati, Vishnu Saini, Niraj Kishore, Vicky Prasad