Special Issue 5

Cascade Utilization of Energy and Exergy for the Performance Analysis of a Solar Powered Cogeneration Cycle  [Download]

Abdul Khaliq, Faizan Khalid, Suhail A. Siddiaqui


Modeling, Simulation and Performance Anal­ysis of Monocrystalline and Polycrystal­line Panel [Download]

Neelam Rathore, N.L. Panwar, Surendra Kothari, Kirtika Sharma


Effect of Heat Transfer Fluids on the Techno-Economic Performance of Parabolic Trough based Solar Thermal Power Generation in India [Download]

Tarun K. Aseri, Chandan Sharma, Ashish K. Sharma , Rahul Rawat


Determination of Optimum Heat Rejection Pressure in Transcritical N2O Refrigeration Cycle with Vortex Tube [Download]

Gaurav Jain, Akhilesh Arora, S. N. Gupta


Impact of Renewable Energy Generation on Bidding Strategy [Download]

Md Irfan Ahmed , Deepti Bhatia  and Aditya Sharma


Review of Different Energy Resources [Download]

Sandeep Kumara and Emarti Kumarib


A Review ofCFD Methodology used for Solar Devices [Download]

Himanshu Pandya


Impact of RES in Distribution Systems [Download]

Shubham Verma, Devendra Goyal and Pallavi Soni


Microbial pretreated Water hyacinth as an Energy Source [Download]

Diksha Srivastava ,Yashwant Raj Verma and Dr. Nafisa Ali


Effect of Viscosity in Biomechanics for the Fluid: A Review [Download]

Vinod Kumar Bais and Ankur Kulshreshtha


Thermodynamic Investigation on Biomass Derived Syngas Fueled Combined Cycle Power Plant [Download]

Mohd Parvez, Abdul Khaliq


Bio Fuel: Need for the sustainable Generation [Download]

Sunil Sharma, Vishnu Inani


Performance Analysis of a Low Price Thermoelectric Cooler: An Experimental Approach [Download]

Shiv Lal, Emarti Kumari


Transcritical CO2 Based Dedicated Mechanial Sub Cooling VCR System: A Review [Download]

Neetu Kumari, Amit Sharma


Growth, Design Aspects and Applications of Photovoltaic Systems [Download]

Jayesh Nehiwal , Vineet Gehlot


An Assessment of Wind Power Potential in Astana: A Wind Power Plant Feasibility Study for Akmola Region, Kazakhstan [Download]

AbduvakhitJunussov, AinurRakhymbay, Dhawal Shah, Prashant K. Jamwal


Energy Efficiency of PV Panels Under Real Outdoor Conditions – An Experimental Assessment in Kazakhstan [Download]

Ali Mubarakov, Sanzhar Sultan, Nurzhan Arkabayev, Dhawal Shah, Prashant K. Jamwal


Design and Performance Evaluationof Improved Biogas Stove (IBS)by Preheating of Biogas [Download]

V. K. Sukhwani, Nitesh Patidar, Abhishek Nagar


Empowering Rural Women through Renewable Energy Technologies [Download]

Diksha Srivastava,Deepak Sharma and Kapil KSamar


An Expert System for the Estimation of Direct Solar Radiation in Indian Region [Download]

R. K. Tomar, N. D.Kaushik


Renew your Inner Energy throughHuman Internal Energy Sources: A Practitioner and Theoretical Approach [Download]

Shulbha Kothari, Shiv lal