Special Issue 6

Renewable Energy Management for Smart Cities of India [Download]

Daljeet Singh, Surya Prakash Meena


Design Aspects of Small Scale Wind Turbines: A Review [Download]

Ankush Jain, K. B. Rana, B. Tripathi


On-Off Control Based Maximum Power Point Tracking of Wind Turbine Equipped by DFIG Connected To the Grid [Download]

Rahul Gangwani, Om Prakash Bharti, R. K. Saket, Shiv Lal


A Novel Multilevel Inverter Based on Minimum Number of Switches [Download]

Tejkumar A Bhimani  , Dr N. G. Mishra , Prof.  Nirav Mehta


Advances in Green Composites : A Review [Download]

Ranjan Kumar Singh, Moti Lal Rinawa, Manoj Mittal


Nonlinear Coupling of Inertial Alfvén Waves and Cavity Formation in Low Beta Plasmas [Download]

Moti Lal Rinawa


Thermodynamic Analysis of Factors Affecting the Performance of Solar Collectors [Download]

Arvind Kumar, Shiv Lal and Harender


Reactive Power Control in Distribution Line by Using D-STATCOM [Download]

Dharaben B Ghamawala, Bhupendra R. Parekh


State of Health Assessment of Lead Acid Cellsasa Function of Conductance [Download]

Gauri, Manish Singh Bisht, P.C Pant, Rajesh Kumar, R.P.Gairola


Control of Current and Voltage for Micro Grid [Download]

Dhaval Subhashchandra Vyas, Bhupendra R. Parekh


Reactive Power Compensation using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)[A Review Paper [Download]

Ruchirkumar Mehta, N. G. Mishra


Induction Motor Protection System Using Fuzzy Logic [Download]

Nirav M. Dudhat, Akshay A. Pandya


A Review Paper on Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of Induction Motor [Download]

Vishal R. Patel, Akshay A. Pandya


Renewable Energy Resources with Internet of Things [Download]

Himanshu Swarnkar,Shiv Lal


Renewable Energy Options and Possibilities to Develop Banswara as Energy Hub: A Theoretical Approach [Download]

Shiv Lal, Shulbha Kothari


Design Analysis of Distribution Power Network in ETAP-A Case Study [Download]

Urvi Shankar Marathe, Bhupendra R. Parekh


Power System Stability Enhancement Using Fuzzy Logic-Based Power System Stabilizer [Download]

Pargi Bhavin kumar Devji bhai, Akshay A. Pandya


Impact of Facts Device on Protective Distance Relay [Download]

Taral Falgunibahen R., Rashesh P. Mehta


Study and Review of Design and Simulation of CCMBoost Converter for Power Factor Correction Using Variable Duty Cycle Control [Download]

Bharat S. Suthar, Swapnil Arya


Design of Active Shunt Filter for Harmonics Reduction at Load Side for Power Quality Improvement [Download]

MakawanaMukundkumar M., Swapnil Arya


A Study on Speed Control of BLDCMotor Using Fuzzy Logic [Download]

Kerulkumar R Chaudhari, Akshay A. Pandya