Special Issue 7

Hybrid Energy Management System design with Renewable Energy Sources (Fuel Cells, PV Cells and Wind Energy): A Review [Download]

Seema Agrawal, SeemantChourasiya, D.K. Palwalia


Comparative study of ATSMC and PTMC for a Single Phase SAPF [Download]

Seema Agarwal, Seemant Chourasiya , D. K. Palwalia


Combined Vector and Direct Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator-Based Wind Turbines: A Review Paper [Download]

Malek Mahammadrizwan M., N. G. Mishra


Biomass-Diesel based Hybrid Electrical Supply System for Small Network [Download]

Praful Patidar, Chanakya B. Bhatt


Energy Conservation Options to Transport Solidsat Higher Concentration [Download]

Navneet Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Desh Bandhu Singh


Analysis of Process Characteristics for a Batch Production Unit and Controllingthe Variation for Effective Performances [Download]

Navneet Kumar , Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Krishna Mohan Agrawal


Availability Analysis of Energy of Micro Hydro Power Plant with Screw Archimedean Turbine in Indian Context [Download]

Umanand Kumar, K.S.Chandel


Solar Energy in India and National Solar Mission: A Review [Download]

Mahendra Kumar Meena


Optimization Techniques Based Selective Harmonic Elimination forMultilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches [Download]

R. K. Kumawat, D.K.Palwalia


Techno-economic Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Cooling System: an analysis in four different climates in India [Download]



Effect of Renewable Energy on Green House Effect and Environment : A Study [Download]

Ravi Prakash Maheshvari, Akhil Nema


Fault Ride-Through Techniques of Wind TurbineState of Art: A Review [Download]

Manish kumawat, Aditya Prakash Dixit


Numerical Solution to Natural Convection in Triangular Enclosures and Its Application For Double Dome Solar Water Distillation Systems [Download]

Nagesh BabuBalama, Akhilesh Guptab, Ashok Kumara, B.M Sumana


Solar Parks to Ramp up Solar Projects in the Country, Issues and  hallenges:Contribution towards Climate Change [Download]

RadheyShyam Meena, Swati Agariya, Prof. D. K. Palwaliya ,Dr.Shivlal, Dr. Nitin Gupta, A. S. Parira , S K Gupta


Interconnected Hybrid RE Network with Embedded VSC – MTDC Transmission System for Secure and Efficient Power Delivery: Modeling and Steady State Response Analysis [Download]

Jeetendra Singh Rathore, MukeshLodha, Shivani Johari, RiturajSoni


Mitigation of Inrush Current in Power Transformer using Prefluxing Technique [Download]

Avinash Yadav, Jyoti Kant Sharma, Shivani Johari, MukeshLodha


Analysis of Solar Thermal Cooling System Using TRANSOL [Download]

Khagendra Kumar Upman, Deepak Goya, Dhawal Vyas, Navneet Sharma , B.L.Gupta


Analysis and Modeling of AC-DCBuck Converter Using PFC Control Technique [Download]

Gaurav Vijay, D.K.Palwalia


Architectural and Technical Approach for Self-Sustainable Building [Download]

Kapil vyas ,DilipSharma, Shivlal


Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement [Download]

Jain Shilpa Pavan, Bhupendra R. Parekh